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September 1st

Help fund Middle-Weight Theatre Company's 2019 tour, Edinburgh Festival Fringe appearances and beyond!

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit our page.
Let's get down to it!

Who we are:
In 2013, Middle-Weight Theatre Company was founded by writer Matt Roberts and director Tom Stabb with the aim to produce and maintain high quality theatre entertainment and showcase insightful, thought provoking writing through a variety of talented actors and stage crew.

Since Middle-Weight's initial projects, Matt and Tom have welcomed the talents of Al Wadlan, Chrissy Marshall and Jemma Gillard in the co-running of the company as of 2015.
All have a vast range of expertise and experience; between them they have worked in teaching, the NHS, both the music and theatre industry and burlesque, to name a few of their trades and talents.


What we do:
We're a family of 5 who between us cover directing, producing, writing, editing, acting, promoting and performing - it’s pretty challenging work which requires total dedication, but it is equally fun, wonderfully unpredictable and always exhilarating. 

Middle Weight Theatre-273-LATE.JPG

Why we do it:
Inspired by both troubling and swiftly changing times, Middle-Weight Theatre Company have always, through original writing, tackled often contentious subjects such as the effects of misogyny in the workplace, the epidemic of loneliness, the phenomenon of Broken Britain and the history of anaesthesia and it's effect on modern society.
Each play is written and performed in a way that challenges the audience by presenting them with subjective, unusual and impressionistic perspectives of these themes, encouraging them always to debate, explore and argue Middle-Weight's original and always entertaining content.

During the years since the company’s inception, we have been thoroughly humbled by the endless support and goodwill received by our friends, families, all of our audience members, reviewers and venues across the country.

Thus far, we have written, produced, performed and toured four original productions, (including performing Ray Cooney's 'Run For Your Wife' in tribute to Tom's late father)


So what's next? 

Rehearsals and tour preparation have already begun for our fifth original production:


Our plan and how you can help:

Since 2013, every production has been funded solely between each member of Middle-Weight Theatre Company, but now we need your help. We are appealing for your support in order to fund this new and exciting project for a national 2019 tour including appearances at the Brighton Fringe Festival & Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 and to provide a financial launch pad for future projects already scheduled for 2020/2021.



Your donation will help with:

  • Venue hire  (for all performances on tour)

  • Transportation 

  • Accommodation 

  • Advertising / publicity  (online and offline publications)

  • Set construction / hire 

  • Brighton & Edinburgh Festival Fringe costs  (venue hire, registration, advertising / publicity)

Your donation will include: 

  • £5 - A social media thank you and personalised E-card. 

  • £10 All the above, plus - A Middle-Weight Theatre Company pin badge. 

  • £15 All the above, plus - A mention on the Middle-Weight Theatre Company website.

  • £20 All the above, plus - A Middle-Weight Theatre Company mug.

  • £50 All the above, plus - An 'amendments: A Play on Words' signed poster & 2x complimentary tickets.

  • £100 All the above, plus - A personalised meet and greet, 2x complimentary drinks and a personalised video thank you message from the cast.

  • £200 All the above, plus - 2x complimentary tickets, a signed copy of the full script and personalised thank you in the show programme.


  • £500 All the above, plus - A producing credit on all advertising publications, an invitation to join the company to their after-tour 'party' - with complimentary drinks / dinner.

  • £1000 All the above, plus - Your name specifically written into the play and a recorded online video link of the full production.

Any donation you can generously contribute will help this unique and thriving theatre company to continue electrifying people across the UK with innovative scripts and thrilling, high intensity performances.


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