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In 2013, Matt Roberts and Tom Stabb - with a mutual love of razor sharp dialogue and comedy (not to mention a shared caffeine addiction) launched a touring theatre company with the aim of producing entertaining, thought-provoking and original drama delivered by an array of top-level acting talent.


Taking inspiration from society's troubled history and ever-changing landscape, Middle-Weight Theatre has tackled gritty, contentious and often controversial subjects including:


• The effects of misogyny in the workplace

• The epidemic of loneliness

• The phenomenon of Broken Britain

• The history and discovery of anaesthesia

• The sheer horror of going to a wedding and the essense of 'true love'


Now regular attendees of the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Middle-Weight Theatre made their production debut with original comedy ‘Sound Bite’ in 2013, and have since gone on to perform across the UK in various renowned (and not so renowned) venues and theatre/arts festivals.


Along the way, Matt and Tom have welcomed the vital talents and partnership of Al Wadlan, Chrissy Marshall and Jen Weatherhead in co-running the company. This group have brought Middle-Weight Theatre's ideas and inspiration to life before satisfied live audiences everywhere.


Each play is written, directed and performed to challenge the audience with subjective, subversive and challenging perspectives, always with the aim of encouraging debate, deliberation, and of course, tons of laughter.

"During the years since the company’s inception, we have been thoroughly humbled by the goodwill we have received by our friends, families, all of our audience members, reviewers and venues across the country. With your continued and endless support, we hope to bring informative, challenging and comedic productions across the UK for years to come."

~ Tom Stabb
Company manager 



Middle-Weight Theatre Al Wadlan
AL Wadlan
Middle-Weight Theatre Chrissy Marshall
Chrissy Marshall
Middle-Weight Theatre Jen Wetherhead
Jen Weatherhead
Middle-Weight Theatre Matt Roberts
Matt Roberts
Middle-Weight Theatre Tom Stabb
Tom Stabb
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