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"A perfect comedic gem." ~ 


Middle-Weight Theatre's most ambitious and contentious production to date. A year long production covering venues and festivals across the full length of the United Kingdom, receiving hundreds of glowing and enthusiastic reviews from press and audience members alike.  

John Chesterton works in a world where political correctness is paramount. Fear of offending an increasingly sensitive populus is widespread, and any language deemed inappropriate or discriminatory is strictly forbidden by the company heads. Rapidly, words vanish and phraseology begins to disappear from people's vocabulary, consigned unceremoniously to the company's 'no' list. While all around him conform, John seems to be the only one asking: if this censoring continues, will he soon be inhabiting a world where there is nothing left to say? Strong language may or may not be used in this production.


"A comedic rollercoaster ride of a debate ." ~Mumble Theatre


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Written by Matt Roberts

Directed / additional material by Tom Stabb

Stage / Tour management: Chrissy Marshall / Jen Weatherhead

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Author / Kenneth Slight

Matt Roberts


John Chesterton

Al Wadlan (2018) / Emerson Pike (2019)

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